Administrative Department Assistant

Room 8 Group currently includes two business units, Dragon’s Lake Entertainment for console and PC game development and Room 8 Studio for all aspects of art production as well as mobile game development. The Group works with Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, 505 Games, CD Projekt Red, Annapurna Interactive, Rovio, Gameloft and others on the most innovative gaming and entertainment experiences on all platforms.

English - Upper-intermediate
Management & Administrative

We are looking for new talent to join our Administrative Department to fill the Assistant position – a specialist ready to help our big team to solve organizational and administrative issues.

Superpowers you have are:

  • Administrative and economic skills;
  • Experience in minor repairs of household appliances;
  • Knowledge of business ethics;
  • Knowledge of PC and office equipment;
  • An ability to independently schedule time and set priorities;
  • Attention to detail, initiative, responsible approach to work, and love for order;
  • Willingness to work and show results.

Becoming a part of Room 8 Group team, you will:

  • Provide company employees with equipment to work through delivery (directly or by mail);
  • Ensure the preservation of household equipment, its restoration, and replenishment, as well as maintaining tidiness in the premises and the surrounding area;
  • Monitor the condition of office space and take measures for timely repairs;
  • Assist in equipping the company’s office with the necessary furniture, inventory, equipment, consumables;
  • Conduct an inventory of entrusted property;
  • Report according to the established form;
  • Assist the secretaries in receiving goods from suppliers.

Join the team of inspiring professionals, and get even more:

  • Competitive financial reward (yes, we are fair enough);
  • Challenges to raise your XPs score (professional trainings and conferences, internal mentorship, English courses);
  • Health insurance, paid vacation, and sick leave;
  • Culture of diversity & inclusion to unite the most outstanding talents;
  • Community of people who understand your game passion.

Together we will bring games to the next level. Exactly with you.