VAN, 08:59 AM
VAN, 08:59 AM

VP of Strategy

Room 8 Group is an international art production and game dev outsourcing company, uniting the leaders of the industry: Room 8 Studio, Dragons Lake, Solid Bash, Massive Black and PUGA. We are proud to work with 7/10 of the top global publishers, including Activision, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Gameloft, EA, Xbox Game Studios, and many others. Currently, Room 8 Group is a hub of opportunities for 1000+ people, and this number continues growing every day.

Location: Canada
Cooperation: Full-time
Languages: English - Advanced
Team: Business Development

The Vice President of Strategy is a key member of the Executive team and an active supervisor in strategic, business development, sales and marketing plans of the company. VP of Strategy is responsible for formalizing the company’s strategic-planning processes, and leading the development of the short (1 year), mid (3 years) and long (5 years) strategies, translating it for people across functions and business units, and oversee needed organizational change forging new working relationships and synergies across the organization, and establishing greater transparency and accountability for those people carrying out the company’s strategy.

Superpowers you have:

  • English spoken and written – Advanced Level;
  • Problem-solving skills in order to identify problems, evaluate options and execute solutions;
  • Time management skills to manage the timeline of the strategic initiatives;
  • Quality-control analysis skills to conduct the testing of products and services;
  • Self-management and time management (multitasking & prioritization) skills to feel fine while working under time pressure; 
  • Result orientation;
  • Cross-cultural awareness;
  • Detail orientation;
  • Proven 10+ years of professional experience in senior executive roles in the fields of Investment and Video Game Development (external game development);
  • Deep understanding of external development market in games;
  • Experience in production in mobile and PC/console game development;
  • M&A experience from searching to closing;
  • Having a C-level role in high-growth mid-size (800+) company;
  • Master’s Degree in International Business or similar.

Becoming part of Room 8 Group, you will:

  • Develop a comprehensive, inclusive strategic plan and growth strategy by collaborating with the CEO, senior leadership and the board of directors, which determines the enterprise’s overall vision, evaluates the overall business portfolio, and M&A plan;
  • Identify key capital projects, joint ventures, potential M&A targets, and other strategic partnership opportunities;
  • Monitor changes in the external environment and make recommendations to the CEO and other relevant stakeholders in Group on how to respond;
  • When needed, oversee and provide actionable feedback on the development of BD and marketing plans and budgets;
  • Establish and review key strategic priorities and translating them into a comprehensive strategic plan, and monitor the execution of the strategic plan;
  • Collaborate with the communications function and investor relations to message a company’s strategy internally and externally;
  • Develop and implement long-term strategic plans for the company based on market trends and industry conditions;
  • Develop long-term plans for the organization that include strategic initiatives such as acquisitions and mergers;
  • Maintain vision statements and mission statements that define the organization’s purpose and values;
  • Prepare reports for the board of directors and shareholders on the progress of strategic initiatives;
  • Lead and support management in application and implementation of new policies and procedures;
  • Support developing strategic new business opportunities by leveraging contacts, pursuing new product development, and advising on improving strategic project efficiency;
  • Engage external business and industry experts to learn and influence business strategies, constantly remaining alert and forward-thinking about opportunities and risks in the industry;
  • Ensure that appropriate metrics are in place to measure performance and progress towards strategic goals;
  • Act as a key advisor to the Chief Executive Officer and other key stakeholders on critical changes in the competitive landscape, marketplace and external business environment.

Join the team of inspiring game dev professionals, and get even more:

  • Competitive financial reward (yes, we are fair enough);
  • Challenges to raise your XPs score (professional training and conferences, internal mentorship, English courses);
  • Private medical care, paid vacation, and sick leave;
  • A culture of diversity and inclusion to unite the most outstanding talents;
  • Community of people who understand and share your passion for games.


Together we will bring games to the next level. Exactly with you.