VAN, 08:57 AM
VAN, 08:57 AM
    Art service line

    Meet Heroic

    The New Trailers & Cinematics Production Studio by Room 8 Group

    QA Service Line

    Meet Highlight QA

    Room 8 Group announced the launch of a new quality assurance studio, Highlight QA.


      + Bulgaria + Ukraine + Montenegro + US + Spain + Armenia + Lithuania + Moldova + Latvia + Czechia + Denmark + UK + Azerbaijan + Canada + Estonia + Brazil + Romania + Poland + Türkiye + Kazakhstan + Ireland

      Laser-focused on solving specific challenges in game production

      We believe that we can bring the most value if we focus our efforts on a particular area of game development, be it PC game development, art production, or quality assurance. Room 8 Group is made up of 4 service lines and 7 studios with narrow specialties.

      Game & art

      We take a holistic approach to solving problems, covering the entire game design and art production processes from early idea conception to final rendering. We provide complex, multi-level solutions to our partners.

      PC & console
      game development

      The expertise of our PC & console game developers lies in building technically demanding AAA-scale games. We work with Square Enix, Codemasters, Supermassive Games, and more as their co-development partners.

      Mobile game

      From concept through full production to release and LiveOps support, this service line covers the entire mobile game development cycle. We're focused on creating successful mobile games for our clients.

      Testing &
      quality assurance

      Fully managed quality assurance services with functional, compliance, crowdsourcing, and other types of testing to help game makers deliver unmatched quality and create enjoyable playing experiences.

      We are a global group of companies represented by 7 art production and game development studios and based on 4 continents. Since 2011, our brands have been providing creative, technical, and production support to the most prominent game companies, including 7 out of 10 world's largest publishers.


      We work with 7 of the top 10 global game publishers, and more than 660 game development studios.


      Our team is comprised of industry experts who are passionate about creating video games.

      Read our clients' success stories to learn how we create shared value partnerships and help our clients build amazing gaming experiences.

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      We value our partnerships

      We have a long history of developing best-in-class video games that span all platforms. Our industry knowledge and proven capacity to create successful products make us a perfect partner for game development companies.

      Square Enix
      Giant Squid
      KT Racing
      Annapurna Pictures
      Arkane Studios
      Hardsuit Labs
      Sector 3 Studios
      Hi Rez
      Night School Studio
      Behaviour Interactive
      Blizzard Entertainment
      Relic Entertainment
      343 Industries
      Xbox Game Studios
      Amazon Game Studios
      Unity Technologies
      505 Games
      Turtle Rock Studios
      2K Games
      Riot Games
      NetEase Games
      Electronic Arts
      Gear Box Software

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      Be your remarkable self with us Explore our careers

      If you're looking for a company where your career isn't just about punching the clock, Room 8 Group is the place for you. Here, you can use your talent, curiosity, and drive to create remarkable things and succeed in an atmosphere of openness, inclusion, and adventure. Let's embark on an exciting journey, learning from each other as we go.

      We strive to create value for our clients, as well as for our employees and game development communities. This goal reflects our growth strategy, commitment to our mission, and the culture of accountability we have been nurturing within our company.

      Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi
      board member
      Explore our careers

      Read our clients' success stories to learn how we create shared value partnerships and help our clients build amazing gaming experiences.

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