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VAN, 07:05 AM

Gala Games “Superior” trailer breakdown

Gala Games “Superior” trailer breakdown

Title: Superior
Company: Gala Games
Genre: 3rd-person co-op shooter

Project goal: to showcase the game story
Platform: Unreal Engine

150 sec 4k 30fps video
(mp4 and pro-res) audio splits

Superior is a co-op game with a distinctive visual style based on Unreal Engine. It was a fascinating experience for us from the art direction perspective, and we did our best to tell this exciting story through the trailer!

Since the beginning, our vision has been to create something that would have a unique visual appeal. So we created complex animations with choreographed fights that capture the essence of the gameplay, seasoned with anime-style flashback sequences explaining the story. 

We started working on the trailer for Superior while the game was still in active development. Sometimes, we had to instantly pick up assets once they were finalized on the client side, so we established two separate working environments (on our and the client’s sides) that communicate with each other. When a client updated something, we would receive those updates as well. 

Thanks to our ability to seamlessly integrate with a client pipeline, we could deliver this bombastic cinematic experience for the Superior game!

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