VAN, 01:01 PM
VAN, 01:01 PM

Playground Labs “Project Drone Galaxy” trailer breakdown

Playground Labs “Project Drone Galaxy” trailer breakdown

Title: Project drone Galaxy
Company: PlayGround
Genre: racing

Project goal: to showcase the game story
Platform: Unreal Engine

150 sec 4k 30fps video
(mp4 and pro-res) audio splits

The playground was an unreached territory for us as we had never made a trailer for a racing game before. It was challenging to tell a compelling story for a racing game from a directing perspective. Luckily, we had a lot of creative freedom, which allowed us to experiment with camera movements to achieve the result we were looking for.

We drew inspiration from other space race sequences, such as pod racing in Star Wars. That helped us define the feel of speed and adrenaline in a futuristic setup. We had an excellent script that helped us create a blockbuster feel to this trailer. In fact, some trailer elements ended up being used in the actual gameplay. 

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