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VAN, 06:03 AM

The story behind Metal: Hellsinger. Cutscenes of epic proportions.

The story behind Metal: Hellsinger. Cutscenes of epic proportions.

The Outsiders, a Swedish game development studio, released Metal: Hellsinger last year, a rhythm-based first-person shooter game that combines elements of Doom and Guitar Hero. Known for their love of metal, the Swedes did not shy away from the challenge of creating an interactive concept metal album from scratch. The game features original songs performed by famous metal singers, and its story revolves around music transcending time and space. The game’s music cues players when to unleash Hell upon hordes of enemies.

To make the game’s aesthetics stand out, The Outsiders hired a team to create cutscenes that help tell the story of the Unknown, a fallen creature seeking to regain her voice by any means necessary. The team took six months to produce over 40 minutes of stunning cutscenes that tell the game’s full story cohesively.

The journey was far from easy, however. The team faced many challenges along the way. The Outsiders enlisted Anastasia Shevchenko, the 2D art director, Dmitriy Kramnoi, the Animation 2D Team Lead, and Dmitriy Spasibozhko, the Head of Animation & VFX Division, to discuss the creation of the game’s riveting story set in Hell.

Read the full case study on Room 8 Studio’s website!

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