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Dragons Lake by Room 8 Group Partners with Paradox Development Studio on Crusader Kings III console version

Dragons Lake by Room 8 Group Partners with Paradox Development Studio on Crusader Kings III console version

In exciting news for fans of the strategy genre, Dragons Lake announces its collaboration with Paradox Development Studio on upcoming content updates for the console version of Crusader Kings III, a game celebrated for its strategic depth and historical richness.

This partnership represents a pivotal moment for both Dragons Lake and Paradox. We are both fully committed to ensuring the highest level of quality possible for the Crusader Kings franchise—regardless of platform. Together, we’re equally focused on ensuring that players on all platforms receive the same exceptional level of quality and enjoyment, providing a universally satisfying experience for every member of the community.

Being big fans of the Crusader Kings series, we are especially excited to join Paradox in the development of this project. We understand the great responsibility we carry and the high expectations fans have for the quality of the console versions of the game. There are a lot of design and technical challenges in bringing strategy games to life on consoles, and we are excited to do whatever it takes in order to achieve a flawless console experience and are looking for a healthy balance between the necessary resources and results.

Maksym Mytkevych, Technical Director Engine Technology at Dragons Lake

Our joint venture is fueled by a mutual commitment to gaming excellence, leveraging our collective resources and passion to port DLCs that will elevate the genre to new heights. 

Adapting grand strategy games to the console is a challenge for any developer, but we’re thrilled that Dragons Lake has taken up that challenge. We want everyone playing Crusader Kings III, and want the very best experience for everyone. Dragons Lake’s enthusiasm for the game is obvious, and we look forward to seeing what they can bring to the team.

Alexander Oltner, Game Director, Crusader Kings III

About Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive is one of the premier developers and publishers of strategy and management games for PC and consoles. The players are located all over the world but some of the biggest markets are North America, Western Europe and Asia.

The game portfolio consists of popular franchises such as Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect, the Surviving games, Age of Wonders and Victoria. Paradox Interactive also owns the World of Darkness brand catalog.

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