VAN, 05:22 PM
VAN, 05:22 PM

Full-Cycle Development for the 34th Installment in the Nancy Drew Series

Full-Cycle Development for the 34th Installment in the Nancy Drew Series

We are excited to have provided full-cycle development for Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys, the 34th and newest chapter of the renowned detective series. Get ready to explore the heart of Prague and its sinister web of mysteries, where the cryptic secrets of the past intertwine with elaborate cybercrimes of the present!  

Our team embarked on this development quest way back in 2021 and worked diligently for almost two years to ensure that both dedicated fans and newcomers to the series will enjoy its enigmatic puzzles, challenges, and riddles to the fullest! We are enchanted by the scope of the game and its deep lore—and are thankful to HeR Interactive for the opportunity to become a part of the latest chapter.

Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys also marks a milestone for the franchise, as this is the second installment to be developed in Unity—Universal Render Pipeline, to be exact. As the series grows more ambitious, it’s refreshing and inspiring to see it evolve and be transported to a superior engine. This enabled our development team to create and optimize outstanding graphics via this powerful rendering solution with maximum platform reach.

Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys was released on Windows and macOS and rated E10+ for Mild Violence. The title is available for purchase on HeR Interactive’s official website, supplemented by the Free Strategy Guide for the game. All system requirements and additional details are also available on the game’s official website. 

Congratulations on the release to our friends at HeR Interactive, and kudos to every Room 8 Group specialist involved in this fantastic project!

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