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Game Developers Conference 2024: The Room 8 Group Line-Up

Game Developers Conference 2024: The Room 8 Group Line-Up

Game Developers Conference 2024 is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to spend time with the games industry’s top professionals.

The event is set to take place in San Francisco from March 18-22. To our valued partners, friends, and those we haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting: we’re excited about the opportunity to connect with you.

GDC stands as the industry’s premier professional event, dedicated to the advancement of game developers and their craft. It’s a unique opportunity for the community to come together to share ideas, tackle challenges, and forge the industry’s future, through five days of networking, education, and inspiration. The conference welcomes a wide range of attendees, including programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, and business leaders.

Room 8 Group Takes the Stage

We’re proud to share that Alex Vasiliev, Head of Engineering at Dragons Lake by Room 8 Group, will speak on the Partner Stage on Thursday, March 21, at 3pm (PST). Alex’s presentation, titled ‘Future-Proofing Classics: Adapting Timeless Titles for Today’s Technology’, will contain valuable insights into the importance of game preservation.

Furthermore, our CEO, Anna Kozlova, will delve into the ‘Challenges and Opportunities of the Evolving Game Industry’ at the Game Developers News Desk on March 20, Wednesday at 11:45am (PST). This talk will shed light on the shifting landscape of the games industry, highlighting the challenges and opportunities arising from rapid technological advancements, economic uncertainties, changing gamer preferences, and heightened competition.

Meet Our Team

We’re bringing a stellar lineup of Room 8 Group leaders and innovators to GDC, including:

  • Anna Kozlova, CEO
  • Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi, Board Member
  • Julien Proux, Executive Vice President of Art
  • Sergii Miroshnychenko, Head of PC & Console Game Development at Room 8 Group
  • Sandy Heslop, Head of CG at Heroic by Room 8 Group
  • Nick Burns, Head of Quality Assurance
  • Benjamin Paquette, Head of Creative at Solid Bash by Room 8 Group
  • Anna Berdnyk, VP of Sales
  • Luc Blouin, VP of Global Accounts
  • Inna Pendyur, Account Manager
  • Vik Long, Senior Business Development Director
  • Alex Vasiliev, Head of Engineering at Dragons Lake by Room 8 Group
  • Marco Pacifico, Senior Business Development Director
  • Karina Karnaukh, Business Development Director
  • Chris Shanley, Senior Business Development Director
  • Ellis McCusker-Thompson, Global Head of Marketing

We look forward to meeting you, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential collaborations. Feel free to connect with our attendees on LinkedIn, or visit our GDC splash page to learn more about us and how we can work with you.

See you in San Francisco!

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