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VAN, 01:10 PM

Meet Room 8 Group at Nordic Game 2023

Meet Room 8 Group at Nordic Game 2023

We’re excited to announce our participation in the leading European games conference, Nordic Game 2023! The event brings together thousands of industry professionals, and we are gearing up for a fantastic experience in Helsinki on November 28-29.

Nordic Game features high-caliber speakers from the industry, providing access to many games industry professionals via the Expo, Developer Showcase, and MeetToMatch. Participants can dive into diverse networking and social events across Helsinki, Malmö, and the Nordic Game Discord server. And be sure not to overlook the eagerly awaited Nordic Game Awards and other exciting activities.

On November 28-29, you’ll get the chance to connect with:

  • Jeaneane Falkler, our Chief Revenue Officer, who will share strategic insights on new horizons in the game industry.
  • Jani Savolainen, Senior Business Development Director, is your go-to for exploring collaboration opportunities and partnerships.
  • David Lalonde, Head of Mobile Service Line at Solid Bash, is the expert to connect with for insights on the future of mobile games.
  • Matthew Zoern, Head of Studio at Solid Bash, will guide you through the artistry behind our mobile game projects.

It’s great to be in Helsinki and meeting with successful game developers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Nordic Game provides a remarkable platform for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and explore the latest trends and challenges in game development.

Jeaneane Falkler, Chief Revenue Officer at Room 8 Group

For more information or to contact the Room 8 Group team, DM our attendees on LinkedIn or fill out the form on our website:

See you in Helsinki!

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