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Octavia Vasilescu Shares Plans for Room 8 Group’s QA Service Line

Octavia Vasilescu Shares Plans for Room 8 Group’s QA Service Line

The Head of Quality Assurance talks about ambitions for the business unit evolution, entering new markets, and shaping a new vision for the QA industry

Room 8 Group, a group of companies providing art production and external game development services, establishes a new QA Service Line with Octavia Vasilescu at the forefront. As the new service lines and brands within Room 8 Group are launched, the company expands its capacity to cover the production cycle steps according to the clients’ requests. 

Octavia Vasilescu, Room 8 Group’s Head of QA Service Line, is an accomplished leader with more than 13 years of experience in the industry, passionate about making the difference. The QA team is actively building its own identity and implementing the vision for the industry transformation.

Our mission is not only to provide high quality testing, but to raise the standing of QA within the game industry and create a united community with a shared vision. As somebody who started out as an entry-level quality assurance tester and worked my way up through all the roles, I understand the challenges this industry presents. Setting the highest standards of quality and leading with passion are major contributors to QA Service Line becoming a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. Being a part of the Group sets a high bar for the team, and I am adamant that we will rise to the challenge and make a difference.

Octavia Vasilescu, Head of Quality Assurance at Room 8 Group

Currently, the QA department covers functional testing and compliance QA. The roadmap for 2023 includes team expansion, with the further addition of compatibility testing, crowdsourcing, network performance testing, and user research.

The teams are currently based in the UK, Poland, Spain and Romania. In the coming years, Room 8 Group plans to expand the geography to North America.

Having known Octavia for many years, I am delighted she is bringing her experience from across the industry to Room 8 Group. Octavia has long expressed a desire to develop QA in the right way. Her vision for the next few years and growth expectations are exciting, and our ambition for the Group as well as the industry as a whole will eventually change the rules of the game!

Adam Keating, VP of Business Development at Room 8 Group

In August 2022, Room 8 Group established Solid Bash, a new brand which formed the Mobile Service Line. With Matthew Zoern as a VP of Games, Solid Bash is going to provide mobile game development services.

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