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ROOM 8 GROUP acquires Massive Black

Purchase of the art studio adds to the game publisher’s efforts to expand its business operations globally

Today game publisher ROOM 8 GROUP announced that it has acquired art studio Massive Black.

The company said that the purchase will it expanding into the US market.

Massive Black provides services via art direction, concept art, storyboarding, and cinematics.

Founded in 2004, the Seattle-based art studio has worked with various companies for projects such as EA, Blizzard, Unity, and Amazon.

Massive Black joining the ROOM 8 GROUP portfolio is another step forward in our ongoing global expansion, including new offices, teams, and service offerings.

Our deal with Massive Black is a part of our M&A growth strategy, which we are keen to continue.

Chairman Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi

Last month ROOM 8 GROUP opened studios in Spain, Romania, and Poland.