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Room 8 Group Announces Integration of PUGA and Massive Black into Room 8 Studio Brand, Creating Unified Game Art Solution

Room 8 Group Announces Integration of PUGA and Massive Black into Room 8 Studio Brand, Creating Unified Game Art Solution

We’re thrilled to announce the exciting news that we have finalized the integration of PUGA and Massive Black into the Room 8 Studio brand, forming a single art solution force.This strategic move aims to further bolster the Group’s global presence and expand its array of expertise and services, ensuring a more versatile and comprehensive offering to clients worldwide.

The integration of PUGA, Massive Black and Room 8 Studio under one banner is more than a name change; it represents our evolution towards one unified, global force to deliver better-fitted complex solutions for our partners. This transformation allows us to be more than just a service provider; we’re becoming a cohesive hub of creativity and innovation.

Julien Proux, Executive Vice President of Art at Room 8 Group

The integration aims to further unite the capabilities of PUGA, Massive Black and Room 8 Studio, establishing Room 8 Group as a flexible and reliable strategic partner in external game development.

In 2022, PUGA and Massive Black joined the Group, which was a key milestone for us. Since their integration, our art teams have collaborated on a number of award-winning projects. To streamline our brand portfolio and better communicate our unified art solutions to clients, we’ve consolidated the brands under the Room 8 Studio banner. This move aims to enhance knowledge sharing, encourage new experiences, and boost collaboration on joint projects, thereby improving our game development output. By uniting team members with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we continue to enrich our creative process and strengthen our ability to uniquely address challenges.

Anna Kozlova, CEO at Room 8 Group

This integration is expected to streamline workflows, and facilitate team collaboration, leading to innovation and faster project completion. We aim to play a significant role in the gaming sector by fostering a community of collaborative expertise.

In the face of rapidly evolving industry challenges, bold and innovative approaches are not just beneficial, they are essential. By joining forces with the Room 8 Studio brand, we’re amplifying our strengths to offer our clients an unparalleled service and set a new standard in the game industry.

Rodrigo Carneiro, Head of Market at Room 8 Group and Former CEO at PUGA Studios

The brand integration reorganizes Room 8 Group’s services into the following categories: Game Development Solutions for PC & Console (Dragons Lake), Game Development Solutions for Mobile (Solid Bash), Game Art Solutions (Room 8 Studio), Trailers & Cinematics Production (Heroic), and Quality Solutions by Room 8 Group.

Follow the game art solution portfolio updates here.

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