Room 8 Group Appoints New VP of Business Development (Americas) and Head of Business Development (EMEA)

Room 8 Group—an external game development and art production company for the video game industry—announced changes in the management structure of the Business Development department. Ron Powers is holding the position of VP of Business Development for the Americas, and Anna Berdnyck was promoted to Head of Business Development for the EMEA region.

Strengthening Room 8 Group’s Business Development department is an essential step to continue the company’s strategic growth and expansion. More than 500 clients that worked with the Group are testament not only to the quality and speed at which we deliver the projects, but also to the outstanding professionalism and skills of our business development team. With new brands and service lines launched in 2022—and with many more to be announced soon—it is important to enhance the business development department and sales teams with talented, experienced, and dedicated leaders. With Anna and Ron at their new positions, I have no doubt that Room 8 Group will keep up its growth rate and continue to provide top-notch art & game development services to our current and new clients.

 Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi, Chairman of Room 8 Group

Anna Berdnyk joined the company in 2015 as Business Development Manager. Over the next seven years, Berdnyk was promoted to Senior Business Development Manager, and eventually became Head of Sales. As Head of Business Development for the EMEA region, Anna Berdnyk’s goals will include expanding the sales team and double our sales efforts in 2022, and securing new strategic partnerships with the region’s prominent game publishers.

I strongly believe that transparency and integrity are the core values that bring Room 8 Group to success. As Head of Business Development for EMEA, I intend to continue integrating this philosophy within my team, treating every relationship with utmost care and responsibility. Nourishing the bonds between us and our clients is my priority, as well as further exploring the EMEA market—as I believe it is one of the most promising regions for today’s game industry. Room 8 Group’s trust in me is a true source of delight—after working at the company for 7 years, watching it evolve and grow into an international leader is an utmost inspiration. I am looking forward to proceeding in this new role.

Anna Berdnyk, Head of Business Development EMEA at Room 8 Group

Ron Powers joined Room 8 Group in August 2022 as Vice President of Business Development for the Americas. Powers has over 20 years of experience working with game software start-ups and publishers. As VP of Business Development at Room 8 Group, Ron Powers will be organizing BD operations and coverage in the region, recruiting top-level talent for the department, as well as building and developing customer-centric Account Management and Partner Success teams.

I am thrilled to be joining Room 8 Group, the rapidly growing service provider with world-class talent and a culture beyond compare. As the VP of Business Development for the Americas, I will activate my vast network of game industry leaders and help our team solve problems for the world’s largest developers and publishers. We have very high expectations for YoY growth, and I believe that my passion for exponential development strategies is the perfect fit for our existing executive team. As somebody who values discipline, integrity, and winning through creative problem-solving, I look forward to helping Room 8 Group further evolve and develop in the Americas.

Ron Powers, VP of Business Development Americas at Room 8 Group

Room 8 Group continues to support a wide spectrum of clients across the global. I want exceptional leadership across each region, and having Anna and Ron move into such important roles, will affect the acceleration of alignment with our clients. As a group, we hold a core belief that we must evolve as the market and the player does. Experiencing substantial growth over the several years, our teams and regional engagement models must now refocus to continue our evolution. With several new service lines coming on stream in 2022, this is the perfect time for a reinforcement of our regional business development leadership.

Adam Keating, Vice President of Global Business Development

Earlier in August, Room 8 Group announced the establishment of a new mobile game development brand, Solid Bash. The brand became the first one to form the new Mobile Service Line within the Group’s structure.