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Room 8 Group Experts Shared Insights at Nordic Game Spring 2024

Room 8 Group Experts Shared Insights at Nordic Game Spring 2024

Room 8 Group speakers shared their expertise at the Nordic Game Spring 2024! Nordic Game is Europe’s leading games conference, gathering thousands of industry professionals each spring and autumn. This year, they celebrate their 20th anniversary with NG24 Spring, taking place from May 21-24, and will return to Finland for NG24 Helsinki in November.

The games industry is currently facing economic challenges, leading to a surge in game remakes as publishers seek safer bets by revitalizing beloved IPs. With 2024 already set to be a year filled with remakes and re-releases, it’s essential to understand what makes a remake successful. Games like Resident Evil 4 (2023) serve as excellent examples of successful remakes, while others have not fared as well. What sets these releases apart? What lessons can publishers and developers learn from their differing market receptions?

Room 8 Group did a talk for NG24 Spring addressing these questions, focusing on how to make remakes engaging for modern audiences while honoring the original essence of the game. We offer expert insights on two key fronts: art direction and gameplay.

Our speakers:

  • Hunter Wright, Associate Game Director at Dragons Lake by Room 8 Group, with 15 years of experience in AAA console and PC game development across beloved franchises like Fable, Borderlands, and The Walking Dead, will provide a veteran’s perspective on gameplay.
  • Boti Harko, Art Director at Room 8 Studio with nearly 15 years of industry experience, will lead the discussion on art direction. Boti oversees the design of photorealistic game environments and ensures artistic consistency across projects.

Our presentation provides strategies for tackling these challenges, equipping companies with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully remake beloved games. The audience will receive insights into achieving the right balance between innovation and nostalgia, enhancing the game experience to captivate modern audiences.

Please watch and share your thoughts! We look forward to sharing our insights and contributing to the success of your next project.

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