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ROOM 8 GROUP is about to acquire PUGA, expanding into global markets

Major external game development company combines forces with a creative art studio.

Bairro do Recife, Brazil,  (April 28, 2022) –  provider of art production and game development services,  ROOM 8 GROUP continues its rapid growth by entering into a preliminary agreement on the acquisition of PUGA Studios, and enlarges the team by 140+ people from the Brazil-based art creative studio.

“We’re thrilled to expand our creative services through this cooperation with ROOM 8 GROUP. It’s more than just business and expansion; it’s about culture, the value of relationships, and building solid partnerships. These characteristics align with Room 8 Group. Joining forces will allow us to offer more in-depth solutions for a broader clientele as PUGA strives to develop on the visual of any creative industry standard.” 

Rodrigo Carneiro, PUGA CEO

PUGA’s superpower is solving unconventional production management and artistic research tasks while setting the visual lexicon through art direction, concept art, illustration, storyboarding animation, and cinematics. 

“PUGA joining ROOM 8 GROUP is another step forward in our ongoing global expansion, including offices, teams, and service offerings. We unite in one group top-class complex art solutions and stylized art productions, it goes across all stages of creative game development, from early pre-production through post-production and into live ops.”

Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi, ROOM 8 GROUP Chairman 

PUGA is a renowned creative powerhouse uniting stylized art and industry knowledge. These characteristics make PUGA able to deliver various services to top game developers and publishers such as Gearbox, Jam City, Socialpoint, Futureplay, Aquiris and Kwalee.

“Our deal with PUGA is a part of our M&A growth strategy, which we are keen to continue. This is a major example of our M&A strategy where we like to keep PUGA’s identity and heritage and offer our platform for further development. PUGA will be further managed by its current group of shareholders. ROOM 8 GROUP is open to any inquiries from gaming/entertainment studios ready to unite efforts in growing their business and join our family,”

Vadym Kraevoy, Head of Art Production

ROOM 8 GROUP has more than 1,340 team members across the globe with offices in Poland, US, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Romania, Spain. ROOM 8 GROUP is made up of three brands: Room 8 Studio, Dragon’s Lake, and Massive Black.
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