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Room 8 Group Launches Highlight QA, the First Brand within the QA Service Line

Room 8 Group Launches Highlight QA, the First Brand within the QA Service Line

Room 8 Group, a leader in external art production and game development services, announced the launch of a new quality assurance studio, highlight QA. The studio will be a part of the Group’s QA Service Line, with experienced leadership at the helm:

  • Octavia Vasilescu, Head of highlight QA
  • Martyn Sibley, QA Director
  • Robert Lato, QA Director

The new brand has an extensive roadmap for expanding the team and services. highlight QA will harness the vast quality assurance expertise of the core team and Room 8 Group, focusing on functional testing for PC, console, and mobile games to begin with, and plans to add a compliance testing component later this year.

With the gaming industry expanding rapidly and becoming increasingly competitive, the importance of game quality cannot be overstated. Therefore, it was a logical and long-awaited move for Room 8 Group to establish a QA service. Our goal is to surpass our client’s expectations and set a new standard for quality assurance. We have brought together a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about the discipline of testing. In addition, our experts view quality as a thorough understanding of customer’s values and needs. At highlight QA, we are committed to providing top-notch quality assurance services and are dedicated to building a community of specialists committed to a career in QA.

Octavia Vasilescu, Head of highlight QA at Room 8 Group

Octavia and her team present a more intelligent approach to functional testing and detecting game quality risks. They advocate a methodology that uses data-driven decision-making. The team selected Poland and Romania as the initial launch locations due to their extensive knowledge of the Eastern European gaming market and strong expertise of the region. As the brand gains momentum, the company intends to expand its reach to include Western Europe and North America.

Our brand philosophy is based on three core principles. The first is expertise. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality service to our clients and offering unwavering support for every project. The second is ownership – our team consists of experienced and senior specialists who thrive in their daily routines and work in a positive and nurturing environment. Finally, we are committed to reimagining QA. We recognize that testing is a crucial and essential stage in game production and it is not a commodity. We strive to elevate the importance of this service and move the industry forward, with high quality becoming a new standard.

Anna Kozlova, Room 8 Group CEO
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