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Room 8 Group Stands with Brazil

Room 8 Group Stands with Brazil

Room 8 Group stands with Brazil in the wake of the recent devastating floods that have caused immense hardship for many people. In response to this crisis, we are donating $10,000 to support the humanitarian needs of those affected by the floods.

Our donation will be made through our partnership with Movimento União BR, a Brazilian non-partisan NGO that bridges the gap between those who wish to help and those in need. 

At Room 8 Group, we believe in standing by our communities during times of crisis. Thankfully  none of our Brazilian specialists were injured. We feel profound sympathy for the people of Brazil and extend our heartfelt support to those impacted by the floods. Through our partnership with Movimento União BR, we are committed to helping those affected by this disaster.

Laura Lilley, Chief Operating Officer of Room 8 Group

About Movimento União BR

Movimento União BR is a non-partisan movement that has a charitable role, with the aim of leaving a legacy, and brings together more than 4,000 volunteers in Brazil and around the world. União BR seeks to connect network participants with those who can strengthen state movements.

The Movimento União BR began in 2020 to strengthen the fight against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil. Since then, it has supported more than 26 million people and 4,000 NGOs, supplying equipment to 500 hospitals across the country, providing 11 million pieces of PPE, donating 40,000 tons of food, and constructing the largest post-covid rehabilitation center in Latin America, among other important initiatives.

With strong support from volunteers, companies, and partners, the movement expanded its operations and continues to work in other national and international emergencies. For example, União BR provides support to protect the biomes, flora, and fauna of the Pantanal and the Amazon and sends tons of special meals to Poland and Romania and hospital items to help refugees from Ukraine. 

We encourage our friends and partners to support those affected by this disaster. As a united gaming community, we can make a positive impact, no matter where we are. If you want to help Brazil, please visit Movimento União BR.

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