VAN, 04:54 PM
VAN, 04:54 PM

ROOM 8 GROUP will donate 2022 net profit to support Ukraine

ROOM 8 GROUP will donate 2022 net profit to support Ukraine

Room 8 Group today announces they will distribute 2022 net profit to support humanitarian response efforts in Ukraine. This will be directed to support numerous programs targeted at rebuilding and developing independent Ukraine and helping refugees.

As you all know, Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, forcing a million people to flee their homes and abruptly transforming the world. Ukraine is a beautiful country, in addition, a thriving tech hub with over 25,000 people in the games development industry and over 250,000 in the tech field – all aiming to progress the world and make it a better place, as others seek to destroy it. Room 8 Group cares deeply that the people of Ukraine have a home to return to and to find peace and comfort once they return.

Every business must remember its responsibility to society and support Ukraine not only in words but also in deeds. Our decision to use all the profits of Room 8 Group companies in 2022 to help refugees and finance various programs related to the development of Ukraine is the best proof of this.

Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi, Chairman of Room 8 Group

Room 8 Group sees how important it is for people around the world to come together to advance the cause of peace and support Ukraine and its people.

The war has affected the lives of all Ukrainians. We are confident that if war belongs somewhere, it is only in computer games. Every company must make sure that reality is better than the virtual world. Thanks to the financial resources generated by our companies, we will uphold universal and democratic values. We stand with Ukraine.

Anna Kozlova, Room 8 Group CEO

We take comfort in knowing that during this difficult time, the world stood alongside Ukraine and demanded peace and welfare regardless of the nation in which they were born. Thank you to everyone at Room 8 Group for their support in this decision. Recovering from the war will take many years, and we’ll continue working with our partners to support the relief efforts. This moment calls for unity and courage. We believe in Ukraine and the strength of the Ukrainian people!

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