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Room 8 Group Wins in Future Star Nomination at HR Pro Awards 2023

Room 8 Group Wins in Future Star Nomination at HR Pro Awards 2023

In November, Room 8 Group achieved notable success at the HR Pro Awards 2023, a prestigious event within the Ukrainian HR industry. We are proud to share our recognition as finalists in two categories: Learning and Development and Future Star.

Room 8 Group’s Head of Employer Branding and Culture, Anna-Maria Fokshei, won the HR Pro Awards in Future Star Nomination. Anna-Maria led the initiation of the Employer Branding department at Room 8 Group, transforming it into a robust team that fosters effective communication and engagement with internal specialists while promoting the brand externally.

The award received by Anna-Maria highlights her commitment to excellence in HR practices and underscores her significant role in leading the Employer Branding & Culture function at Room 8 Group. Notably, Anna-Maria played a crucial role as the Communication Lead during a full-scale invasion, where she managed emergency communications, evacuations, and provided support throughout the crisis. In addition to crisis management, her contributions extend to volunteering activities and a transformation of corporate gifting practices, adopting socially responsible approaches. These achievements demonstrate her versatile expertise and the impact of her work within the People and Culture department at Room 8 Group.

HR, for me, has always been about caring for people and supporting them in the darkest times. Genuine care for people should be the driving force of every HR professional. When we do it sincerely, from the heart, we take care of those in our teams, our companies, those around us – that’s when we make not just better workplaces but a whole world a better place.

Anna-Maria Fokshei, Head of Employer Branding and Culture at Room 8 Group

We also take pride in Room 8 Group’s educational initiative, “People Management in War,” which earned recognition as a finalist in the Learning and Development category at HR Pro Awards 2023. This project is a prime example of the company’s commitment to innovative solutions, showcasing our readiness to initiate a brand-new project from the ground up when our teams encountered challenges during the full-scale invasion.

Room 8 Group is confident in continuing to showcase big wins, not only in game development but also in significant achievements in the people and culture sphere. 

To check out career opportunities at Room 8 Group, head to our Career page.

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