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Solid Bash Appoints Matthew Zoern as the New Head of Studio

Solid Bash Appoints Matthew Zoern as the New Head of Studio

Solid Bash, a global video game studio providing full-cycle & co-development services with a focus on mobile platforms, announced the promotion of Matthew Zoern to Head of Studio. Solid Bash is a part of Room 8 Group, an international group of companies with more than 1,600 people working in the video game development & art production industry.

With over 20 years in gaming and entertainment, Zoern joined Room 8 Group in 2020 and was one of the people behind transforming its Games Division into Solid Bash, cementing its course to focusing on mobile platforms.

Becoming Head of Studio at Solid Bash is an honor for me. Over the last few years, the Solid Bash team has worked with over 90 clients, helping breathe life into almost 130 titles. Knowing how many more great games are on the way, seeing the passion our team pours into them, and having the privilege of leading them is unbelievable. I appreciate the mutual work we did with Lana over the years, and I am dedicated to staying true to Solid Bash’s key principle—that outstanding games should not be limited by screen size.

Matthew Zoern, Head of Studio at Solid Bash

Over the last two years, the vast knowledge of Matthew Zoern helped Solid Bash enhance the quality of full-cycle expertise and allowed the studio to focus on its niche and increase the scale of projects. Matthew Zoern also effectively restructured pitch and prototype teams operations, leading to a 3x increase in success rates.

The studio’s growth and co-developed games are also the results of the management of Lana Savytska. Her leadership has been crucial for defining and crystallizing the vision behind Solid Bash. Lana Savytska, who was the leader behind identifying, developing, and executing the studio vision, has decided to leave Solid Bash after holding the reins for 4.5 years. Since 2018, when Lana joined the studio, the team grew by 125%, from 71 to 160 specialists. Under her supervision, Solid Bash transformed into a studio focusing on high-complexity full-cycle and co-dev projects.

My journey with the Solid Bash team has been fantastic, and I am glad I was a part of it. Looking back at the past 4.5 years, I am thankful to everyone at Solid Bash and Room 8 Group for the challenges we overcame together, moments of joy we shared, and the games we helped create!

Lana Savytska, ex-Head of Studio at Solid Bash

Solid Bash is currently operating from four locations in North America and Europe, namely Canada, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. The studio’s portfolio consists of developed and co-developed titles for Annapurna Interactive, Hello Games, Rovio, SEGA, Ubisoft, and more.

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