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The Game Awards 2023: Get Ready to Hit the Vote Button!

The Game Awards 2023: Get Ready to Hit the Vote Button!

The Game Awards, will unveil its much-anticipated 2023 winners in just ten days. Established to recognize and celebrate creative and technical excellence in the global video game industry, The Game Awards brings together an eclectic mix of game developers, passionate gamers, and notable figures from popular culture. They aim to elevate gaming as the most immersive, challenging, and inspiring entertainment while acknowledging those contributing to the industry’s growth and community well-being.

This year, Room 8 Studio by Room 8 Group proudly sees work on several titles, which have captured the hearts of gamers worldwide and exemplify the studio’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming excellence. Among the nominees are some highly anticipated and beloved games:

  • Alan Wake 2
  • Dead Space
  • Diablo IV
  • Forza Motorsport
  • Apex Legends
  • Hello Kitty Island Adventure
  • Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
  • The Crew Motorfest

As voting continues until December 6th, we encourage you to visit The Game Awards website to vote and support your favorite titles. This provides an opportunity to acknowledge the games that have left a lasting impression and to appreciate and honor the talents behind these virtual masterpieces. Those phenomenal games were nominated across 12 categories:

  1. Game of the Year
  2. Best Game Direction
  3. Best Narrative
  4. Best Art Direction
  5. Best Score and Music
  6. Best Audio Design
  7. Best Performance
  8. Best Action / Adventure Game
  9. Best Sports / Racing Game
  10. Innovation in Accessibility
  11. Best Ongoing Game
  12. Best Mobile Game

We are incredibly grateful to our partners and clients for their trust and the opportunity to work on these iconic titles! This acknowledgment underscores the collaborative effort that goes into bringing these games to life and the importance of a supportive gaming community.

Mark your calendars for The Game Awards live stream on Thursday, December 7, when the winners will be revealed. Get ready to hit that vote button, and let the countdown to The Game Awards 2023 begin!

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