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Why Game Preservation Is Vital—And How Technology Helps

Why Game Preservation Is Vital—And How Technology Helps

With the emergence of platform-agnostic gameplay and the expansion of the number of new titles, many classic games are at risk of extinction.

In a recent Game Developer article, Alex Vasiliev, Head of Engineering at Dragons Lake by Room 8 Group, explored the issue of game preservation, and the role technology can play in ensuring that gaming’s history is properly documented.

The games industry faces a unique challenge: unlike the film and music industries, most of our original releases are critically endangered. In response to this, Alex’s team at Dragons Lake developed REI (Render Engine Infrastructure), a graphics toolkit which makes the porting of games from custom or proprietary engines onto modern platforms much easier. 

To explore Alex Vasiliev’s thoughts on game preservation, read the article on the Game Developer website.

To discuss these and other ideas with Alex in person at GDC 2024, book a meeting by visiting our splash page.

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