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XDS Spark is Now Live with Room 8 Group as Founding Partner

XDS Spark is Now Live with Room 8 Group as Founding Partner

XDS Spark, the new B2B platform for connecting buyers and service providers, of which Room 8 Group is a Founding Partner, is now available for creative industries worldwide. 

XDS Spark offers a premium solution designed to help companies meet production goals and grow their businesses. With an always-on, global database, the platform provides a seamless hub for creative innovation, enabling organizations to achieve their goals between XDS events. It’s a game-changer for professionals in game development, film, education, health, and enterprise, offering a one-stop shop to support their production needs.

For buyers of services, XDS Spark tackles the challenge of finding diverse and reliable service providers by offering a credible and trustworthy source to discover new partners with confidence. Robust, media-rich service provider profiles make informed decision-making quick and easy. The platform also allows buyers to post opportunities globally, reaching out to a diverse collection of companies ready to partner on new projects.

Service providers can create standout profiles that highlight recent projects and showcase their best work. By submitting their interest in global opportunities, service providers can expand their reach and collaborate on more ambitious engagements. XDS Spark serves as a professional platform where they can promote their services and attract new clients.

Room 8 Group’s partnership with XDS Spark is set to usher in a new era of creative collaboration, bringing together the strengths of two industry leaders to foster innovation and drive success in the ever-evolving landscape of external development.

About the XDS Spark team

XDS Spark Co-Founders Sam Carlisle and Chris Wren have over 40 years combined experience with big names behind them—Microsoft, Xbox Game Studios Publishing, and Electronic Arts (EA). Together, Chris and Sam have been leaders in the XDS Advisory Committee for over a decade. Their efforts have been invaluable in supporting AAA studios, and advocating for the professionalization of external development. In addition to their contributions to the External Development Summit (XDS), both have spoken at global industry events to raise awareness for the practice.

In other news, Paul Lipson has just been announced as the newest member of the XDS Spark Advisory Board. An award-winning executive and creative director, Paul is a leading figure in the interactive entertainment industry. Working as the SVP, Interactive Worldwide at Formosa Group, his teams fuel strategy, content development, and creative pipelines from their flagship studios in Los Angeles, Seattle, the UK, and Canada. 

Find out more about XDS Spark and join the creative industries’ new global marketplace:

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