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VAN, 09:56 AM

XDS Spark Unveils Its Advisory Board: A Forward Step for Creative Industries

XDS Spark Unveils Its Advisory Board: A Forward Step for Creative Industries

We’re excited to announce the formation of the XDS Spark Advisory Board. This initiative marks a significant step forward in connecting creative industries globally.

In 2023, Room 8 Group became a Founding Partner of XDS Spark: a pioneering solution for creative industries, offering an all-encompassing platform that goes beyond just meeting production needs. The platform’s always-on, global database enables businesses to maintain momentum in achieving their goals even in the intervals between XDS events, propelling business growth. 

The Advisory Board is composed of industry veterans, each bringing a wealth of experience and who collectively offer a unified vision to enhance external game development through cooperation. Their commitment and expertise will guide the XDS Spark community in new, impactful directions.

The Board features an impressive roster of industry leaders:

  • Philipp Wolf, CEO & Co-Founder of swyvl global, known for his innovative contributions to, and success in, global business.
  • Chris Edwards, CEO & Co-Founder of THE THIRD FLOOR Inc., lauded for his fresh approach to creative visualization and digital production.
  • Paul Lipson, Senior Vice President at Interactive Worldwide, Formosa Group, recognized for his extensive knowledge in interactive media and deep knowledge of the global market.
  • Andreea Enache, Chief Revenue Officer at Amber, is admired for her outstanding leadership and prowess in driving revenue growth and business development.

Partnering with XDS Spark aligns seamlessly with Room 8 Group’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of game industry development. This collaboration opens up new avenues for innovation, offering a centralized platform for industry professionals to connect and drive the future of external development. We are excited to contribute to this transformative journey and unlock new possibilities for creative minds worldwide.

Anna Kozlova, CEO at Room 8 Group

For the latest updates, insights, and tips on how to stand out on this premier global database for creative industries, we encourage you to subscribe to the XDS Spark newsletter. Stay tuned for more developments as XDS Spark continues to shape the future of creative collaborations.

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