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Room 8 Group x Gamescom 2022 Report

Room 8 Group x Gamescom 2022 Report

At the end of August, hundreds of game development companies from all over the globe came to Cologne, Germany to participate in Gamescom. Room 8 Group was among them, showcasing its brands and expertise.

Room 8 Group, an international art production and game development company, took part in this year’s Gamescom. Massive Black, Dragons Lake, Room 8 Studio, and the newly established Solid Bash were featured at Gamescom halls as a part of the Group.

The Room 8 Group team took part in the event from August 24th to August 26th, met old friends, colleagues, and new people. Here are their thoughts about the event!

After two years of Covid-19 isolation, it’s so good to see people in person. Sometimes, it is hard to recognize anyone because I saw only their profile pictures in Zoom. This year’s Gamescom showed us that the bar for quality games keeps rising higher. As the service provider, Room 8 Group can attest to that based on the requests publishers approach us with. This trend for more complex, high-fidelity games is something, I believe, will continue gaining momentum.

Anna Kozlova, Room 8 Group CEO

Meeting our clients and colleagues from across the world is the best thing about this year’s Gamescom. We’ve had numerous productive and exciting discussions with so many passionate experts! Our mutual goal is to ensure further growth and popularity of video games by listening to our audience. So, basically, we all need to continue doing what we are doing now.

Lana Savytska, Head of Mobile Service Line at Room 8 Group

Events like Gamescom are a great reminder why I love the game industry. Despite being the CEO, I wouldn’t say that I’m “working” as one, per se. Because for me, doing what I enjoy doing is not working. We had a lot of talks with publishers and developers during Gamescom, and everyone agrees that focusing on the players is the only way to do business. Being part of the game industry is all about having fun — and bringing fun to others.

Sergii Miroshnychenko, Dragons Lake CEO

For the last three years, the game industry has really struggled to keep the momentum up, with the pandemic forcing us all into online formats. When we return to offline events like this, it is so important to introduce new people to the business, to talk about what we have achieved during these times, and to talk about the next generation of games.

Adam Keating, VP of Global Business Development at Room 8 Group

Events like Gamescom show us what’s so great about working in the game industry — it’s doing something that people love and enjoy. It also has to do with the people you work with, and everyone is here to create something fun and exciting. I believe we should do a lot more to motivate people to get into the industry, train them, teach them, and ultimately create the next generation of video games.

Matthew Zoern, VP of Games at Solid Bash

Video games are primarily about innovation. I believe that’s the fascinating combination of creativity and technology, mixed with new ideas, new experiences. The more we come up with new ideas — the more we will grow as individuals and as a studio.

Benjamin Troy Drysdale, Head of Technology at Solid Bash

I think my favorite thing about game development has always been the fact that there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Games have a big impact on our lives and I think the accessibility of this experience should become more of a focus in years to come. We should pay more attention to giving everyone a voice, and have more representation and diversity in video games, where everyone can find themselves, see themselves, and enjoy themselves.

Octavia Vasilescu, Head of Quality Assurance at Room 8 Group

There is a world of difference between participating in an event online and meeting people in person. Shaking hands, connecting with everyone offline are major factors for building productive and friendly relations. I think everybody is a bit tired of online-only events, so interacting with people offline at Gamescom instead of seeing them through the laptop screen was a breath of fresh air!

Maria Dziubina, Head of Marketing at Room 8 Group

Previously, Room 8 Group announced the leveling up of the Trailers & Cinematics Unit service line. With VFX and animation professional Paul Mackman at the head, the new Trailers & Cinematics Unit will focus on mobile and AAA trailers and cutscenes.

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