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Trailers & Cinematics Unit Levels Up at Room 8 Group

Trailers & Cinematics Unit Levels Up at Room 8 Group

Room 8 Group’s Trailers & Cinematics service line is about to level up with games, animation and VFX with industry veteran Paul Mackman at the helm.

Room 8 Group, a rapidly-growing international company providing art production and game development services for the video game industry, announced their next stage of development in trailer production. The Trailers & Cinematics Unit — with a new name and brand to be revealed later in 2022 — is set to focus on mobile trailers, in-game cutscenes, and AAA trailers & cinematics. Currently represented by 30 artists and technicians, the Trailers & Cinematics unit aims to 10x in scale by 2025, whilst adding to the complexity, fidelity and overall quality of its creative content.

Room 8 Group is a very exciting place to be. With exponential growth both in the rearview mirror and on the road ahead, it is an opportunity rich environment. The work already achieved by the Trailers & Cinematics team for mobile gaming clients is phenomenal. In the months and years to come, we are going to take that deeper into the PC/Console market and beyond into the kind of AAA game trailers that will take YouTube by storm. We look forward to collaborating with existing clients, new clients and like-minded animation and trailer production companies across the world.

Paul Mackman, Managing Director of Trailer Production Unit at Room 8 Group

Paul, who kicked off his career in the media over 20 years ago, started out as creative, working as a screenwriter in TV, film and video games. He then progressed to a career as a producer and production manager in games and VFX, working for Rebellion, Headstrong Games and Double Negative. For the previous decade, Mackman was the COO at Axis Studios, a group of animation and VFX companies.

Room 8 Group aims to cover every aspect of art production, and the Trailers & Cinematics unit establishment completes the puzzle. With the capabilities and skills to create both pre-rendered videos and game engine solutions, this unit will be invaluable for the Group’s work. 

Earlier this year, Room 8 Studio, the art production company within the Room 8 Group, unveiled its rebranding, heralding the restructuring of the mother company’s business model. The Trailers & Cinematics unit is one of the newer business entities to receive significant focus and investment within Room 8 Group in 2022.

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