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Three Senior Business Development Directors Join Room 8 Group

Three Senior Business Development Directors Join Room 8 Group

Room 8 Group — a group of companies providing art production and external game development services — is currently expanding its business development team. This time, the department was strengthened by three experienced newcomers. Luc Blouin, David Cohen, and Jimmy Corvan joined Room 8 Group as Senior Business Development Directors. The department expansion is said to undergo across several regions, so that the biz dev team has enough capacity to reach its strategic objectives.

The excellent work of our Business Development department is crucial for Room 8 Group’s expansion and evolution, and us having strong strategic relationships with clients is key for the success of our cooperation. With two Service Lines launched recently and another two arriving soon, we must ensure that the team can sustain further business growth. Strengthening the team with three senior business development directors is a major win for the company. I am happy to welcome Luc, David, and Jimmy to the Room 8 Group family.

Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi, Chairman of Room 8 Group

A few words about the newcomers

Luc Blouin has worked in the game development industry for the last 13 years. He held various positions at Volta, Keywords Studios, Bkom Studios, and other companies of similar caliber. Luc will focus on expanding business development in the USA (East Coast) and Canada.

I’m happy to work with PC and console development, considering that it’s the market I’m most familiar with. The plan that has been set by Room 8 Group is rather ambitious, so I’m looking forward to bringing it to life, and feel very excited and optimistic about what lies ahead.

Luc Blouin, Senior Business Development Director

Throughout his career, David Cohen worked as a QA engineer, 3D Generalist, Character Technical Director, and Business Development Director for companies like EA and Sony. David is positive that his background will help him achieve what he’s been tasked with at Room 8 Group.

This opportunity allows me to leverage my experience in game development across a wide range of services, and allows me to grow with a company that is growing. The culture here at Room 8 Group is perfect for what the future holds for our industry.

David Cohen, Senior Business Development Director

Jimmy Corvan’s background primarily lies in the motion capture and animation industry. He spent more than 11 years overseeing sales operations for House of Moves, where some of his clients included Marvel, Warner Bros., and several AAA game studios. At Room 8 Group, Jimmy will be responsible for key clients and prospects. 

I’m thrilled to be joining a company with full game development capabilities. As a problem solver, I want to listen to all the developers’ pain points and be thoughtful in crafting a meaningful solution. I care about doing what’s right for the game.

Jimmy Corvan, Senior Business Development Director

I’m thrilled to welcome David, Luc, and Jimmy — they will make a great addition to our team. 2022 has been a year of evolution, as we enhance our presence in the Americas. Having three experienced knowledge leaders choosing to join our group is a significant indicator of direction and dedication to growth. I wish them the very best of luck at their new beginnings at the company.

Adam Keating, VP of Global Business Development

Earlier this month, the Group announced new appointments in the business development team. Ron Powers took on the VP of Business Development Americas, while Anna Berdnyk was promoted to the Head of Business Development EMEA. For more information, please check our previous statement

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