Press Releases

Sandy Heslop Joins Trailers & Cinematics Unit as the Head of CG

Room 8 Group—a group of companies providing art production and external game development services—has announced the appointment of Sandy Heslop as the Head of CG for the Trailers & Cinematics unit. As the Head of CG, Sandy will be supervising the IT infrastructure, workflow, and pipelines within the Trailers & Cinematics unit, in addition to overseeing the creative team as it grows.

Sandy Heslop has worked in the fields of film, TV, video games, and advertising principally as an animator and a previsualization artist. With his experience of over 20 years, he developed a mixture of technical and creative solutions that he brings to both onset supervision and the studio.

I’m joining the Trailers & Cinematics unit at an exciting time. There are some unbelievably talented artists in the team that are passionate about their craft. My responsibility as the Head of CG is to ensure that our team has everything required to do their job well. I’m looking forward to building a strong foundation so we can feel confident going forward.

Sandy Heslop, Head of CG at Trailers & Cinematics Unit

Room 8 Group is growing rapidly, and one of our priorities is diversifying our offerings and giving enough attention to the newly-established divisions within the Group. Building up the CG expertise will allow us to bring extra quality to the Art Service Line. With the impressive goals Trailers & Cinematics unit has set for the next few years, and with experts like Sandy joining the company, I have no doubt that the unit will show impressive results very soon.

Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi, the Chairman of Room 8 Group

Sandy joining our team is a great step to further expand our capabilities in terms of trailers and cinematics. Through Sandy, we are adding to the leadership of our team with great experience across multiple mediums. This is a promising opportunity to significantly improve the quality of the services provided. Sandy’s skills and knowledge about CG approaches in TV, movies, and advertising are an invaluable addition to the Trailers & Cinematics unit, and we’re happy to welcome him aboard!

Paul Mackman, Trailer Production Managing Director at Room 8 Group

Previously, Room 8 Group significantly strengthened the management of the Business Development department. Anna Berdnyk was promoted to the Head of Business Development (EMEA), while Ron Powers became the VP of Business Development (Americas). The company also reinforced the department with three experienced Senior Directors: Luc Blouin, David Cohen, and Jimmy Corvan.